Prepare for the Worst: A 2022 Thanksgiving Dinner Topics of Conversation Primer

FTX, cancel culture, Ticketmaster, Julia Fox's outfits, Avatar, and every other possible thing your uncle might ask you about at Thanksgiving this year.

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Photo: Craig Barritt / Mark Metcalfe / Contributor (Getty Images)

Hello my little ham dumplings, we’re a day out from Fooder Bowl 2022, aka Thanksgiving, aka the Tour de Tryptophan. Hopefully the grocery shopping is done, the table set, the Butterball Turkey Hotline on speed dial. You’re as prepared as you can be, right?


One major unknown remains, which is, of course, the final course. No, I’m not talking about the tarts and pies nor the sherry digestif—I’m referring to the discourse. A convo over the Thanksgiving dinner table can bring a family together or tear a family apart, and it’s increasingly more likely to do the latter.

This year, we are certainly not short on spicy topics to casually bring up over mashed potatoes, and I’d hate to see you be caught off-guard in the conversation olympics. So here’s a primer on the top potential contenders for topics this year, who in the fam is likely to bring them up, and some suggestions of what to say, depending on your desire to either engage or disengage.

Best of luck navigating the discourse this year!

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