President Obama Eats Bear Food, Declines to Swim Nude with Bear Grylls


On Thursday, President Obama lived his best life and joined British survivalist Bear Grylls on Running Wild in the Alaskan wilderness to hike and munch on fish half-eaten by an actual bear. Because what’s the point of being president if you don’t do ridiculous shit?

“As president, I’m in what’s called a bubble. The Secret Service keep me out of danger, which I very much appreciate, but it can be a little confining,” said Obama. “In fact, every once in awhile when I go off track and do something unexpected, the phrase we use is ‘The bear is loose’ and somebody tries to grab a tranquilizer gun and make sure they get me back in the cage. To be with Bear in the woods, it doesn’t get any better than that.”

To say the POTUS was excited would be an understatement, even if his fish had already been tasted by another bear.

“The fact that he told me it was half eaten by a bear, he could’ve left that out,” said Obama.

The episode was filmed earlier this year in an effort to promote addressing climate change; during it, Grylls pointed out nearly melted glaciers and other sad ways humans have destroyed the wild. When he asked if the president’s daughters Sasha and Malia were proud of the environmental policy changes he was pushing for, Obama admitted that “they still love me but I think they find me a little boring.”

Watch the full NBC episode below and savor this moment in Obama’s presidency, where he’s pretty much over the Oval Office.

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Image via NBC.

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