Prince On Tavis: The Artist Explains Why He Doesn't Vote

Prince was on Tavis Smiley last night, looking a little like Rachel Maddow in high heels. He discussed his misunderstood song lyrics, why he never votes, and how our government should “go by prophecy.”

He also opened up about things he rarely, if ever, talks about, like how he was born with epilepsy and was mocked as a child because of it, and how his father was a drill sergeant when it came to playing the piano. As much as I love Prince, it seems like he’s getting weirder, and not in the good exposed-butt-cheeks kind of way. Last night, he talked about how he believes in chemtrails, the conspiracy theory that the contrails left by flying jets are purposely laced with chemical agents released on the public for secret purposes. Also, his belief that our government should be based on prophecy and morals (as though it weren’t already, but whatever) seems foolish for an artist to support, since morality is subjective. While his intentions behind these beliefs seem to come from a good place of love and understanding, it wouldn’t necessarily be like that for many politicians or their censorship-friendly wives.

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