Prince William & Kate Set A Wedding Date

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  • Have your secretary clear your shhhedule! Prince William and Kate Middleton have decided to hold their wedding at Westminster Abbey; the date will be Friday, April 29, 2011.

That day is the feast day of St. Catherine of Siena; Kate’s given name is Catherine. Westminster Abbey is where Queen Elizabeth II got married — Princess Diana and Prince Charles were married at St. Paul’s Cathedral. Set your countdown clock, get your fascinator ready, this is going to be big. [Huffington Post]

  • Kate Middleton is getting counseling that will “prepare” her for life as a royal. Just thinking about the etiquette and dealing with the queen and servants and curtseying makes me want to have a double session with my shrink. [NYDN]
  • Random facts about Prince William and Kate Middleton: He calls her Babykins; she calls him Big Willie. They both like the Bodyrockers song “I Like The Way You Move,” which is in this Diet Coke commercial. Oh, and there’s this: Their favorite drink is called a ‘crack baby’, which is made with fresh passion fruit mixed with vodka and champagne and served in a shot glass. Gets you royally trashed! [Radar Online]
  • Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have donated $150,000 to SOS Children’s Villages in recognition of National Adoption Day. More information at the link. [SOS USA]
  • Despite what you may have heard about Angelina Jolie‘s movie, she says: “The important thing is I want to make sure that we make a film for people who just want to go to the movies to watch a love story. To not be put off by anything that seems too heavy.” In addition, she shot the movie twice — once in English and once in Bosnian. [Digital Spy]
  • Buckle up: Lindsay Lohan can drive again! [Daily Express]
  • Charlie Sheen is suing Capri Anderson for extortion. His lawsuit calls her a “an opportunistic pornographic film star and publicity hungry scam-artist.” Chuck claims that when the cops came the night of the incident, Capri told them Charlie “acted like a total gentleman.” A gentleman who loves to pay women for sex! Theory: These people just might deserve each other? [TMZ]
  • The night they all went out with Charlie Sheen, Capri Anderson told Denise Richards that she was a prostitute. A source says Denise was asking questions about Capri’s job: “She asked [about] how the business works and seemed fascinated by it.” Capri also told Denise she has a pimp in Los Angeles and a madam in New York. ALLEGEDLY. [Radar Online]
  • “EXCLUSIVE: Fantasia‘s Court Confession: I Aborted My Married Lover’s Baby.” [Radar Online]
  • In the Eva Longoria/Tony Parker split, “friends” say that Eva has “been no angel.” See, when she and Tony first got married, she would always fly to be with him. But lately she’d been “sucked into the glamorous Hollywood lifestyle.” Which is devilish. Apparently. [Pop Eater]
  • Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas are getting death threats and Dancing With The Stars has heightened security. [TMZ]
  • Oh, and the Concern Police are very Concerned that Bristol Palin has gained weight while on Dancing With The Stars. Concerned! A woman’s body is everyone’s business, you see. [NYDN]
  • Sad panda impersonator Taylor Momsen will have a reduced presence on Gossip Girl going forward. She will begin “an indefinite hiatus” following next Monday’s episode. Sucks, really, because the character of Jenny Humphrey is actually really interesting in the books — she gets attention for her big boobs but is too young to really handle it. The show is painfully bad now anyway so she’s probably better off. [Deadline Hollywood]
  • Strong the force is with Snooki. [Radar Online]
  • Rod Stewart‘s son Sean is going to marry an older lady he met in rehab and this is news. [Page Six]
  • There was a screening and party where Christine Baranski, Ellen Burstyn, Patricia Clarkson and Julianne Moore hung out with Colin Firth and we were not invited. Boo. [Page Six]
  • Separated at birth: Adrien Brody and the cartoon dude from Tangled. [Gatecrasher]
  • Sheryl Crow‘s house is being auctioned online, so if you want to see her pool, her fish tank and her really luxurious bathroom, take a peek! [Daily Mail]
  • “My tip is, don’t be too thin! It is always better to have a little meat on your bones. When you are just muscle, you end up being gaunt in the face, and that makes you look older by five or 10 years. I don’t have anxiety about it, so I’m not running to get Botox. Maybe that will change, but I don’t think so. I feel comfortable in my skin and comfortable with aging, so I think it’s okay that I get wrinkles. We all have the same issues. Every woman. It’s thighs, butt, arms, muffintops. All those fun things, we all have the same issues.” — Heidi Klum on aging. [Contact Music]
  • “I know people think I’ve flipped my lid but I haven’t. I’m cool. Listen to Bob Marley’s Soul Rebel, you’ll know where I’m comin’ from.” — David Arquette, who may or may not be smoking something great. [Daily Mail]
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