Prove to Me That Kim Kardashian Didn't Just Murder a Polar Bear.


Kim Kardashian strolled, dead-eyed, through an airport yesterday, arm in arm with her strategic husband Kanye West and caped in what we’re forced to conclude is the laundered carcass of a polar bear she recently murdered.

Here, you can clearly see the dead polar bear—which Kim has fashioned into a scarf—resting languidly around Kim’s neck and shoulders, as Kanye cowers, silently coming to terms with the polar bear carnage he witnessed only minutes before.

Kim remains serene. What’s done is done.

Why did Kim Kardashian murder a polar bear and wear its skin through the airport? A trophy? A message?

Perhaps the skin-scarf is meant to be a warning to other polar bears who may one day challenge her supremacy on the Winter Throne.

Stay away, says Kim with her scarf and her eyes, or I will kill you, skin you, and wear you.

That is a promise.

Images via Splash.

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