Qatar's New World Cup Stadium Will Look Like a Giant Vagina


In preparation for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, the architectural firm responsible for the stadium’s design has released a short animation revealing their future plans. Any discerning human will be quick to recognize that the building looks exactly like an enormous vagina.

The design firm, AECOM, says that the venue was inspired by “the dhow boat that carried generations of local fishermen and pearl divers.” It doesn’t really look much like a dhow boat, though — to reiterate, the stadium looks just like a very big vagina.

According to Raw Story, the “new Al Wakrah sports stadium… [has come] under almost immediate criticism for its resemblance to female genitalia.” Seriously, though: why criticize? Every city’s skyline looks like a row of shadowy phalli glinting in the urban smog. I think it’s about time we pay some architectural respect to the yoni. Everyone in the world could benefit from seeing more vagina-shaped things, and the Crain Communications Building has been representing woman-parts on its own for far too long.

Just look at all those soccer fans nestled inside a glowing symbol of the power of womanhood. I want to petition the government to have all houses and municipal buildings feature decorative labia by 2050.

“The Design For Qatar’s First World Cup Stadium Looks Like A Vagina” [BuzzFeed]

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