Romanian Cartoon Pisses Off Parents With Nudity • Abortion Rights Group Suing Over "Right To Conscience"


• Romanian parents are up in arms about a cartoon, “Stories from Magyar Folklore,” that depicts a (presumably Hungarian) princess flashing her bare bottom. The show has become a cult hit among teenagers. •

• An anti-Scientology protester smeared Vaseline all over his body, covered himself in pubic hair, and video-taped the whole thing. Whatever happened to sit ins? • Deirdre Dare, senior lawyer and author of erotic fiction novel Magic circle, has been forbidden by her firm from publishing any new erotica on her personal website. • Click Here for a video of a Canadian sketch comedy group mocking our beloved, much coveted Snuggie. • A quick-thinking woman from Iowa managed to take several pictures of the man who flashed her while he was still unzipped. • A diamond ring is up for auction that could potentially prove the existence of Charles Dickens’ secret love child.American Apparel has come under criticism from a Canadian mother, who found a copy of their magazine “BUTT” tucked into a display. • Florida police say an elderly woman was arrested after she fled the scene of a car accident to make it to a hair appointment.Eagles in Homer, Alaska are in trouble after their long-time feeder, Jean Keene, died at 85. • A new survey indicates that baby boomer men are pleased with the way their wives are aging, while the wives are not so happy about their husbands’ looks. • Ozrah Jafari has become Afghanistan’s first female mayor. • The Mauckingbird Theater Company has produced a lesbian interpretation of Ibsen’s classic play Hedda Gabler. • The average Briton swears 14 times a day, according to a recent survey. Bloody hell, that’s a lot of cussing! • Research shows that simply talking to other mothers may lessen the risk of developing postpartum depression. • A female gorilla at the Budapest Zoo has recently undergone a rare (for gorillas) gynecological operation. Doctors expect a full recovery. • Botox is becoming increasingly popular among men, who apparently have not yet learned that pain is the price of “beauty:” doctors report that men are more likely to complain about the procedure than women. • A Middlesex County prosecutor has been disbarred after lying on stand about her own domestic abuse. • Two abortion rights groups are suing the U.S. government over the Bush administration’s rule that protects worker’s “right to conscience.” •

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