Ronda Rousey Hospitalized After Devastating Knockout

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Last night the world went mad over the devastating knockout Holly Holm dealt to UFC celebrity and current media sweetheart Ronda Rousey. Now, news has been released that Rousey had to be hospitalized immediately after the fight.

According to TMZ (which has a lot of photos of Rousey bleeding heavily, so you should know that before you click the link), the MMA fighter couldn’t even speak to reporters after the fight due to the fact that she had to be flown to a medical facility as quickly as possible:

A rep for the UFC tells TMZ Sports, “Ronda is currently being transported to a local hospital for precautionary purposes.
Ronda was knocked out in the 2nd round after taking a crushing kick to the neck by Holly Holm … medical personnel rushed to her side in the octogon.

I don’t know much about fighting—my sole experience was in the eighth grade, when a girl named Monique clocked me the fuck out of nowhere as I was showing off the awesome Tamagotchi I had made out of clay in art class—but based on the photos on TMZ’s website (again: really bloody), it looks like Rousey may need more than just “precautionary attention.”

Here’s hoping to Rousey’s swift recovery. Also hoping the backlash against Holm—who had been predicted to go down hard—is nonexistent. [TMZ]

Did Kim Zolciak photoshop this picture of herself in a bikini to make herself look better on Instagram? Uh, probably, you guys. It’s Kim Zolciak we’re talking about. Why is this even a question? This is the same woman who pretended to possibly have had cancer so the other housewives would stop picking on her. Also, she’s shilling diet products, so…

Whatever, though, she looks amazing. I wish I could look this good, but I just love cheesecake and potato chips too much. And also never exercising.I also have no idea how to use Photoshop. [Life&Style]

  • Rooney Mara says she’d love to shave off her eyebrows and play Lisbeth Salander in the sequel to The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. I didn’t know a second movie was happening, but am pleased to hear the news considering that the first film is the best sleep I’ve ever had inside a movie theater. (An Inconvenient Truth comes in as a close second. As important as Gore’s speech is, Mr. Personality he is not.) [Just Jared]
  • Scott Disick has grown a beard, may be reuniting with Kourtney. [TMZ]
  • Good news! Contrary to previous reports, Kris Jenner is not forcing Kim Kardashian to make more money during her pregnancy. [Gossip Cop]
  • Rob Lowe has stopped tweeting after receiving a great deal of backlash for messages he posted after the Paris attacks. [InTouch]
  • Kourtney Kardashian posted a photo of herself without makeup. [Us.]
  • Puuuuuuuuuuuuunky is pregnant once again. Soleil Moon Frye is expecting her fourth child. [People]
  • You guys remember that one episode of MTV Cribs where Melissa Joan Hart kept going on and on about how basically everything in her house had been given to her by her friend “Soleil”? It came with my Clarissa Explains It All DVD and I had no idea why she kept mentioning someone whose first name I assumed to be Cirque De, until someone explained to me she was speaking about Soleil Moon Frye, who had become a series regular on Sabrina. Here’s the video. [YouTube]
  • Caroline Rhea posted a really cool Throwback Thursday photo of her first commercial. She’s performing in New York all weekend, if you needed something to do tonight/wanted to know how she was doing without having to check yourself. Beth Broderick hasn’t tweeted for a few days, but she loves Halloween. Yes, I did immediately look up what Sabrina’s aunts were doing after writing about Melissa Joan Hart. Why do you ask? [Twitter]
  • Fuck it, let’s go all in: Jenna Leigh Green is doing well, too. She’s getting a free beer on Monday. [Twitter]

It’s Sunday! So here’s a video of guinea pigs discussing pumpkin spice season. Big ups to whoever was able to get a costume on their tiny critter friends without having poop expelled directly into their face at high speeds. Thanks, Anna Merlan/Obama.

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