Roseanne Barr Predictably Believes #MeToo Accusers are 'Hos' 


Roseanne Barr, now most famous for using Ambien as a performance-enhancing drug to fuel racist tweets, sides with the abusers on this whole #MeToo thing, surprising absolutely no one.

Barr appeared on “The Candace Owens Show” to finger paint with some word diarrhea on subjects ranging from sexual harassment to Kamala Harris. Her opinions were every bit as well-reasoned and valid as one might expect from a human being voluntarily speaking with Candace Owens.

Here’s what she had to say about #MeToo:

“‘[The women] were there in the room because they thought they were getting a job 15 years ago. Well, it’s because they’re hos. Like if you don’t run out of the room and go, ‘Excuse me you don’t do that to me,’ and leave, but you stayed around because you’re like, ‘Well I thought maybe he was going to give me a writing job,’ well, you aren’t nothing but a ho.”

The person who once earned a living as a comedian also coined a new nickname for Kamala Harris, one sure to soon make its debut on Trump twitter to great fanfare from connoisseurs of the very finest nonsensical hate speech:

Barr criticized California senator Kamala Harris as well, referring to her as “Kama Sutra Harris” and implying that Harris’ former relationship with San Francisco mayor Willie Brown is related to Harris’ career trajectory. “We all know what she did… she slept her way to the bottom,” she said.

She also very conveniently believes in white privilege when she’s arguing that Christine Blasey Ford should be in jail.

None of her statements are surprising. All of them are vile.

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