Samsung Introduces You to the Perfect Husband/Domestic Servant


An ad for Samsung’s wide world of evolved televisions featuring a dimwitted couch-bound husband transformed into a domestic servant marionette has drawn cries (mostly from MRAs on Reddit, but also now from Fox News) of sexism. Probably a fair critique, although Adweek’s David Gianatasio doesn’t think the outrage is all that warranted. After all, the ad does feature catchy music, so how bad can it be, really?

The American husband as moronic, couch-surfing neanderthal is an outdated stereotype, and if Samsung’s ad should be criticized for anything, it’s mostly for laziness. We’ve all seen enough ads featuring Greasy Male In Catatonic Television Rapture to know that once men get married and reproduce, they apparently turn into cheese curl receptacles. If anything, this ad should be considered offensive for its grotesque sound effects. Also, what sort of adult with such a well-appointed modern domicile would defile it by throwing snack foods all over the white couch? Madness, I say!


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