Sarah Jessica Parker Talks Over Dumbass Billy Bush, Stumps for Obama, Wins the Election For Our Hearts


Sarah Jessica Parker was on Access Hollywood today and pretty much hit it out of the park like the baller she is. Is that a mixed metaphor? No matter, SJP can be smart enough for the both of us!

She’s interviewed by Billy Bush’s interrupting-ass and Kit Hoover, who can’t get a goddamned word in with these two Chatty Cathies. Let me just take a minute to say that Billy Bush is the worst. He tries to tell SJP that Romney is a Mormon and DER, SHE KNOWS ROMNEY IS MORMON, you dolt. He also tries to inform her that Romney’s closing the gap with women and she hops right in and is like, “and more white men are voting for Obama.” BURN. Then he says something about a picture of her with Alfre Woodard, Valerie Jarrett, and calls them GIRLS and SJP just starts awesomely shouting over him about women. Man, she is so great in this, she’s en fuego!

She sounds off on: Irish groceries (I never knew this was a thing!), Romney’s flip-flopping, almost accidentally shows her home address on National TV because she’s JUST LIKE US, acknowledges that she would be better off financially with Romney as president but she’s concerned about equality and women’s rights, she won’t move to Canada if Romney wins because she will not give up on this country, she is all about women voting, WOMEN VOTE DAMMIT OR SHE WILL COME AFTER YOU.

She ends by saying:

I am concerned about people in this country who’ve been trying to carve out a middle class existence… I’m talking about our veterans, I’m talking about our senior citizens, and I’m talking about children who are living below the poverty line.

Dude, I love Sarah Jessica Parker so much. So much. SJP for president! OF MY HEART.

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