Sasha Baron Cohen Sez You Just Have To Love Ron Paul


In a scene sure to inspire millions of nightmares and dozens of fanfics, Ron Paul appears in Sasha Baron Cohen‘s Bruno movie… as a potential love interest for the title character.

You may now go scour your brain with bleach, if needed, and also recognize that Mr. Paul must be a pretty good boss for not firing his press secretary. [Slate]

Obama keeps giving his press secretary Robert Gibbs the good zingers, allowing him to respond to former Vice President Dick Cheney’s remarks about how the Obama Administration is causing the next terrorist attack: “I guess Rush Limbaugh was busy.” Press Secretary of Snark? [Washington Post]

But the big story of the day, again, is the AIG post-bailout bonus situation that the Administration is totally going to do something about! And by “something” they mean either make AIG use its next round of bailout funds to pay back the bonuses or try to convince people not to take them, bonuses that the Administration has known they were going to get for months now. Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley thinks AIG exsecs should all commit hari kari, John McCain is pissed that he flip-flopped on bailing the company out, so he flip-flopped again on Twitter and I’m still wondering who the fuck needs a bonus (known as a “retention payment”) in this economy to stay at their jobs! [NY Times, Washington Post, Politico, ThinkProgress]

Iif you weren’t already annoyed at the Administration, reportedly, Barack Obama may back off a campaign pledge to officially call the Armenian genocide a genocide because the Turkish government won’t like it, which is the same reason we’ve not officially been calling it a genocide since it began. [LA Times]

Back to hating on Republicans, who are trying to get Norm Coleman to take his fight the whole way to the Supreme Court, not because they think he’ll win but because it will stymie Majority Leader Harry Reid’s agenda and ability to pass legislation. [Wall Street Journal]

Clarence Thomas gave a speech in which he said he thinks Americans don’t know how to sacrifice enough (of their rights). [Huffington Post]

OMB Director Peter Orszag told South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford to go fuck himself and his plan to use the stimulus money to pay down the state’s debt and not stimulate the economy. [Washington Post]

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