Sasha Obama Is Not Here for You or Your Family Vacation


Sasha Obama: Teen. Observe President Obama’s daughter in China with her mother, grandma and sister above, Sasha is not here for it. She’s not here for any of it. Her face brings back memories of every crappy family vacation you ever had to endure. We feel you, Sasha.

When First Lady Michelle Obama is flexing those diplomacy muscles and charming the Chinese diplomats…

Or perhaps, the first family is checking out ancient Terra Cotta Warriors in X’ian …

Sasha isn’t here for it.

She’s not here for it.

She’s not here for it.

But then the hard teen facade begins to crack. Is that the hint of a restrained smile?

Let’s be honest, it’s hard to stay stone-faced while colorful ribbons are flying.

And finally, the cranky teen Sasha, lets go and gets into the Obama family vacation. Hey, we’ve all been there. The Teens, it’s a heady time even if the President is your dad.

But it can be great, too.

Images via Getty.

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