Saturday Night Social: Watch Burt Reynolds Rise 'Out Of The Ashes'


In 1992, Burt Reynolds, America’s most important, influential, brilliant and perfect actor and human being ever walked on to the stage at the Golden Globes and delivered what all film and music and theater and television historians throughout space and time unanimously refer to as The Greatest Entertainment Award Speech of All Time.

“I used to sit in this section,” he says, motioning to the seats the eras biggest stars up front. This was his own dig at his epic career down spiral in Hollywood. But with this award, for his new role in the hit show ‘Evening Shade,’ Burt was back on top. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes. A phoenix with a fantastic toupee.

And, lo, my first fully day has come full circle, because Neil Patrick Harris was also a nominee that evening for his role on Doogie Howser, MD. This is no accident! This is Burt’s will, people. Burt, working through me as a conduit, as he often does, created this perfect, harmonious moment in the Universe for all of us here. Everyone, find your center, sit and become one with me, with Burt, with this epic speech that will obviously bring tears of joy to all of your eyes.

OH and Kerry Washington is on SNL tonight, you guise!

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