See the Title and Cover for the Next Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Book


The fourth installment of the wildly popular Millennium series—ok, ok, the Lisbeth Salander books—will be published August 27, and publishers have just revealed the English title: The Girl in the Spider Web.

That’s according to the Guardian. Further details are being treated more carefully than some state secrets (though of course when you’re publishing a Lisbeth Salander novel any cloak-and-dagger shit has the added benefit of being appropriate publicity).

Of course, author Stieg Larsson has been dead for a decade, so the book’s actually written by one David Lagercrantz, who is “continuing” the series but based on precisely zilch from Larsson. UK publisher Christopher MacLehose promises it will, nevertheless, be like stepping into a pair of beloved old slippers:

“The reader of this fourth book will know exactly where they are. It will be like coming home, getting back into a hot bath you wished you hadn’t left on a winter’s day – here we are, thrilled to be chained once more to the same calibre of narrator. Lagercrantz is very, very clever.”

Weirdly cozy imagery for such gruesome books!

And, as the Guardian notes, the book has been approved by Larsson’s estate—which means his father and brother, not his longterm partner Eva Gabrielsson, who got cut out because they weren’t married when he died and he didn’t leave a will. Gabrielsson (who says she has a chunk of a fourth book Larsson actually did write, which isn’t included in the new volume) ain’t happy, either. The AFP reports:

“They say heroes are supposed to live forever. That’s a load of crap, this is about money,” Gabrielsson tells AFP in a Stockholm cafe.
“It’s about a publishing house that needs money, (and) a writer who doesn’t have anything to write so he copies someone else,” she laments.

“I wouldn’t have continued Stieg’s work. It was his language, his unique narrative,” she added.

You can see the American cover below.

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