Selling Sunset's Christine Quinn Is Pregnant, Rich, and Vibing

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Image: Backgrid (Backgrid)

Christine Quinn is a bit of a mystery to me. Star of Netflix’s Selling Sunset, it’s been some time since I encountered someone this committed to the bit. In my own interview with her last summer, for example, she really wanted me to know that her wedding cost a million dollars. Totally lost on how to respond, I managed to mumble: “Congratulations.”

Now, she’s pregnant with her new husband Christian Richard and filming the latest season of her hit reality television show. Well, it’s not really “her” show, but she is the undeniable star of it. As such, she’s been photographed around Los Angeles in her bright yellow Lamborghini Urus, which I identified thanks to our helpful friends over at Jalopnik.

Being nosy, I’ve kept tabs on Quinn’s movements, because she never fails to look expensive when papped by photographers around Beverly Hills and West Hollywood. If anyone is curious what a person with $300,000 to drop on a Lambo and another $1 million for a wedding wears while doing yoga and filming a reality television show—click through for examples!

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