​Shakira and Activia Bring You a Shiny New World Cup Video


You know things are getting serious when Shakira steps in.

In light of the dismal response to Pitbull and Jennifer Lopez’s song and video for their World Cup song “We Are One (Ole Ola),” Shakira has teamed up with Activia and the World Food Programme for another World Cup 2104 anthem, “La La La (Brazil 2014).” Technically it’s already on One Love, One Rhythm the official World Cup album (which also brags the Isley Brothers and the Baha Men).

“La La La” is essentially “Dare,” a song off Shakira’s most recent album, but revamped for soccer featuring Brazilian musician Carlinhos Brown. So the lyrics about fingers being
“stuck in the socket” have been replaced with the imagery of a whistle blowing. While it has an ‘international’ vibe, it obviously doesn’t really do much to remedy the main problem with “We Are One,” in that it is a song from Brazil that spotlights local Brazilian music or musical talent, like some other songs might.

But it is a marginally catchier song and more importantly does feature Shakira’s boyfriend, Gerard Pique along with fellow Spaniard (and my ex-boyf) Cesc Fabregas, as well as Lionel Messi, Neymar, Eric Abidal, and other soccer stars. So I guess that makes it legitimate? As much as I take an odd enjoyment in the idea that Shakira is the clean up crew for Pitbull and J. Lo, it seems like another missed opportunity to highlight Brazilian musicians. But Shakira (c/o FIFA) has spoken. Or sing-yodeled.

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