Simon Cowell Prepares for Imminent Fatherhood by Partying With Exes


Simon Cowell’s idea of a “babymoon” was to take his already nauseated 8-months-pregnant girlfriend Lauren Silverman on a yacht, where he partied for 10 days like it was a “frat-house blowout” with Scandinavian models and at least two ex-girlfriends, as she tried not to puke below deck. Rich people are fucking weird.

According to The Post, the extended Christmas and New Year’s vacation—which ended last week—got off to an unconventional start in Barbados. Silverman stayed at a resort with her parents, sister, and 8-year-old son (from her marriage to Cowell’s former best friend Andrew Silverman) while Cowell boarded at his “party central” apartment down the street.

The separate residences was actually designed to comply with the custody agreement that Silverman worked out with her scorned ex. Her son Adam is not allowed to be in Cowell’s presence, or else she has to pay her ex $50,000. If she has her son around Cowell more than twice, then she could permanently lose custody.

According to a source at Silverman’s hotel, when it was time for her to see Cowell, the brunette paced the lobby and talked about needing to meet her “appointment.” Her beau would send a taxi for her, and then after 90 minutes or so, she would return to her family.

Although Cowell certainly has the means to help Silverman come to a more reasonable custody arrangement—which should prove nearly impossible for Silverman once her baby is born and she is forced to choose between spending time with her older son or bonding with her newborn and Cowell—he seems more than fine with his designated “me time,” which he spent partying with his billionaire friends and ex-girlfriends.

Most evenings, Cowell, and a group of pals that included Terri Seymour, 38 — his former fiancée with whom he split in 2011 and later gifted a $4.6 million house in LA — would dine at the Lone Star restaurant on St. James’ beach. Others at the table: Seymour’s boyfriend, Clark Mallon, Cowell’s brother, Tony, and Cowell’s buddies, retail billionaire Philip Green and the British TV hypnotist Paul McKenna.

After her family returned home, Silverman and Cowell boarded a rented yacht (at $450,00 per week) for 10 days and hung out in St. Barts. Cowell supposedly drank with friends and chicks in bikinis while a heavily pregnant Silverman barfed below deck. Interestingly, it was only a year ago that Silverman was one of those chicks in bikinis, as she and her then-husband partied with Cowell on his yacht in St. Barts.

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