Sister Wives Freak Out & Cry Over Kissing Incident


As if the trainwreck of a show didn’t have enough drama with the one husband/four wives/13 kids thing, this sneak peek from the upcoming episode of Sister Wives features tears over one of the wives kissing her husband.

Kody Brown’s third wife, Christine, says that when she found out that Kody and Robyn (his fourth wife) were engaged, she was happy. But when she found out that “Kody sealed the engagement with a kiss,” she “freaked out.” Christine explains that she and Kody didn’t kiss until they were at the altar, “because I didn’t feel right about kissing a married man.” Say what now? How is it okay to marry a married man and not kiss a married man? The morals, ethics and boundaries are so confusing. Also, Robyn, the new wife, cries because she hurt Christine — but didn’t she say that Kody kissed her? Why isn’t he crying about hurting Christine? What the hell is wrong with these people? I just might have to watch this garbage.

Sneak Peek: Tears and Heartache on Polygamy Show Sister Wives [People]

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