So I Think Disclosure's 'Willing & Able' Is About Consenting to Flames


Disclosure has released a new track from their forthcoming sophomore album Caracal, and it’s begging to be played the next time you feel like blowing something up with your aux cord. “Willing and Able” opens with a typically satisfying beat from producers Guy and Howard Lawrence, but then Kwabs bursts into the club and sets the whole place ablaze.

Don’t say you want me, don’t say you need me / If you ain’t ready, turn around
If you feel it the same as me, speak now or hold your peace / If you don’t see it the way I see, then it was never meant to be

I think Kwabs is singing about consent here. It’s sort of like he’s making his way across a crowded room while holding a flaming shoe, and dancing from person to person until he finds his perfect match – the one who’s willing and able to withstand all that heat.

Caracal is out September 25. Additionally, the flame emoji can be found in your keyboard’s “NATURE” section.

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