Songs to Listen to While You're Storming Area 51

Songs to Listen to While You're Storming Area 51

Today, a mass of alien enthusiasts are flocking to the famed top-secret military facility Area 51 in the hopes of seeing some goddamn aliens once and for all, thanks to a joke that became very serious very quickly.

When a man named Matty Roberts started a Facebook event back in June titled “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us,” he was just kidding around. But after two million people RSVP’d, the joke imploded into a full-blown phenomenon, sparking a flurry of memes, media attention, and even a music festival in Las Vegas on Thursday. Welcome to Alienstock.

The timing couldn’t be better: Just this week, the United States Navy confirmed that a video made by To The Stars Academy—the UFO research organization of former Blink 182 guitarist and longtime alien weirdo Tom Delonge—does, in fact, show “unidentified” aerial “phenomena.”

While it’s doubtful that two million people will show up at Area 51, people are coming. One guy already Naruto-ran in the general direction of the facility, so rest assured that the best and brightest are in attendance! What will happen throughout the course of this incredibly weird day is unclear, but music will surely help these revelers get through the day. Here’s Jezebel’s official raiding Area 51 soundtrack that we’re sure will inspire hope, courage, and inspiration to all who are out there in the desert right now.

“Sandstorm,” Darude

You could easily just play this on loop for 24 hours and that would suffice, but proceed with the rest of this post for a more diverse selection.

“Knuck If You Buck,” Crime Mob

In case you need to fight an alien.

“Better Off Alone,” Alice DJ

“Talk to me, oooooh, talk to me.” -Alice DJ but also everyone at Area 51 to the aliens.

“Give Me Just One Night (Una Noche),” 98º

When you have one night (una noche) to potentially be with them aliens

“Aliens Exist,” Blink 182

Because Tom was right all along.

“Smack My Bitch Up,” The Prodigy

This is what you have to play when you’re running through the top secret Area 51 facilities, pillaging documents that the government keeps under wraps.

“Zoom,” Proto Zoa (from Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century)

The aliens know this one.

“Around the World (La La La La La),” ATC

“The kisses of the sun were sweet, I didn’t blink/I let it in my eyes like an exotic dream.” Alien love song.

“Everytime We Touch,” Cascada

For those who want to fuck the aliens.

“It Came Out of the Sky,” Creedence Clearwater Revival

For the Boomers in attendance.

“Break the Ice,” Britney Spears

Honestly, the song will get anyone amped, but the music video is the ultimate inspo here.

“Butterfly,” Smile

Let’s be real, any Dance Dance Revolution classic would work seamlessly on this playlist, but “Butterfly” cannot be ignored.

“Only Time (DJ Sonne Remix),” Enya

When you’re fighting the Area 51 guards in slow motion

“Where My Girls At,” 702

A song of sisterhood for all the ladies out there raiding Area 51. Don’t let a man nor an alien fuck with you today!!!

“Fight Night,” Migos

When you’re flexin’ on a broke-ass alien

“Blue Savannah,” Erasure

This big blue hand! Very alien!

“Clarity,” Zedd feat. Foxes

Zedd is an alien name.

“Stranger In My House (Dance Remix),” Tamia

What if the aliens break out of Area 51 and find their way into the raiders desert tents and RVs? What. Then?

“Human,” The Killers

For that moment of existential crisis.

“Cry For You,” September

When you get snatched by the feds but it was 100 percent worth it because you followed your goddamn heart.

“X-Files Theme,” DJ Dado

Unoriginal, sure, but it’s a classic for aliens and humans alike.

“Desert Rose,” Sting

When that sweet moment of victory, whatever that looks like, is achieved, breathe a sigh of relief and crank up “Desert Rose” as you breathe in the sweet smell of Nevada winds.

Thank you.

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