Spoiler Alert: 'Halston'

Spoiler Alert: 'Halston'

For its pedigree as a prestige Netflix series from Ryan Murphy starring Ewan McGregor, one of the great actors of his time, the five-episode miniseries Halston is strangely inert. In about four hours’ time, the series fails to get under the skin of its titular designer, who, before his 1990 death from AIDS, was once the epitome of luxury—only to sell out and have his name plastered on everything from carpet to airplane seating, and then sell out some more and lose the rights to his name entirely. It is a series more prone to telling than showing, but more prone to having people say the name “Halston” than anything. Halston could have been called Halston! Halston! Halston! His name comes in a variety of moods, forms, and accents. Many, but not all, of them are collected in the supercut below—because if you know one thing about Halston, it should be “Halston.”

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