Tangerine Is the Trans Revenge Film You've Wished For All Your Life

In Depth

Rarely does a movie come along that makes you jump out of your seat screaming “I want to see that.” And even more rarely is that film about two trans women portrayed in a funny but realistic way without falling into gross tropes or misogyny. Even rarer? The fact that you’re about to get excited about a film shot entirely on an iPhone 5s. Believe it, though, because Tangerine looks fantastic.

Hailed as “daring” and “full of vitality” by critics at Sundance, Tangerine follows the story of two trans women—Sin-Dee and Alexandra—who are searching for the woman that Sin-Dee’s boyfriend Chester has been cheating on her with. Because of course a dude named Chester is going to cheat on you. It’s not even a question. The day you’re born with that name is the day you’re doomed to be some kind of minor monster. It’s just the law.

Even though the film was shot entirely on an iPhone 5s (which is the phone I have and still can’t take a fucking decent picture on) it looks gorgeous and highly stylized and exactly like the thing you should spend $12 plus concessions on when it shows up at your local theater.

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