Target Revises Color Description to 'Manatee Grey' for Plus Size Dresses


WTF, Target? You know I need my Liz Lange maternity and deep-discount So Delicious coconut milk, don’t make me take my fat bucks elsewhere!

Susan Clemens points out this bunch of bullshit on Twitter:

This reeks of the whole Melissa McCarthy elephant grey episode, and I’m hoping/guessing this is some sort of oversight, and not some dummy in the garment naming department (that has to be a department, right?) who thinks they’re clever.

And for the record — “manatee grey” is a much more adorable name for that color than “dark heather grey”, so if you change anything, get rid of dark heather. Because manatees <3 <3 <3. UPDATE: Target did respond, and it sounds like it was a mix-up. Now, how about just having one color name for that color? And that name is manatee grey.

[via STFU Conservatives]

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