The 90s Rom-Com, Summery R&B, and Old TV That Got Us Through the Week

The best of what we've been reading, watching, and listening to for your weekend enjoyment.

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Image: Graphic: Vicky Leta (Shutterstock)

A hurricane on the West Coast? Wildfires in the South...and also the very far north? Vivek Ramaswamy leaping upwards in the polls? It’s more than enough to desperately crave disassociation. But since we can’t give you that (to whatever higher power is listening: lobotomies please), we’ll offer instead some distraction.

Here are our Jez Recs—across TV, music, and even scents—from the past week to keep your brain in a pleasant, disassociated cloud all weekend. Stay safe and distracted (oxymoronic? maybe!) out there.

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