The Courtney Barnett Songs and ‘Summer’ Movies That Got Us Through the Week

This is the best of what we've been reading, watching, and listening to—for your weekend enjoyment.

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Illustration: Vicky Leta/Getty Images

So far, this summer has been unbearably hot and almost too sunny...during the week. Come the weekend, the sun and clear blue skies are clearly skipping town, because the Saturday and Sunday forecasts for the last few weeks have been rainy, humid, muggy, cloudy, thunderstorm-y, etc., etc. And, as of publication, it looks like this weekend will be much of the same. (At least on the East Coast.) So if you’re stuck inside (again) this weekend, we’ve rounded up the best music, podcasts, and books to make you forget you’re not lying on the sand beneath a comfortably balmy, 80-degree sun.

If there’s something you’re loving these days and want to share it with us, you can comment below or email it to [email protected]. Happy weekend!

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