The Hot Dogs (And One Angry Cat) Of Occupy Wall Street


There’s been a lot of talk about the “hot chicks” of Occupy Wall Street, and our supposed inability to appreciate same. Just to show that we know hotness when we see it, here are some of the protest’s hottest dogs.

This adorable little dude was snapped cavorting against corporate greed yesterday at Occupy Wall Street in Zuccotti Park.

A soulful-looking pooch takes shelter from the rain with his human pals at Occupy Seattle.

A dog named Mya looks forward to a brighter future at Occupy Boston.

I’m pretty sure Wall Street honchos are just going to walk out of their jobs en masse once they see this guy, photographed at Occupy Seattle. How can you argue with that face?

But animals are working for the other side as well. Check out this cat, from We Are the 53%. We’re not buying his claim that he owns his own home, which he earned with his sweat. That cat never worked a day in his life.

Images via AP and We Are the 53%.

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