"The Man's Guide To Love" Has Stolen Our Hearts


Some of the dudes interviewed on The Man’s Guide to Love have deep thoughts about relationships. Some don’t. Others are just awful. But all are fascinating.

This sociologial-study-cum-Internet-time-wasting-tool posts a new video interview each day. It’s a great way to sink an afternoon, and come out of the experience perhaps a little wiser.

Take Boreil. I’m not really sure what he’s talking about, but I’m mesmerized by the way he says “disillusionment.” And slightly confused about why there’s a children’s choir in the background.

As in life, some guys on The Man’s Guide to Love are dicks. I’m not a fan of Chuck‘s avice to use “trickery and deceit” on women — but given his feeling that you can’t really relax, even in a relationship, I get the sense that maybe he’s been burned.

So, possibly, has John. But should he be talking about it in front of the kids?

Not every man is a love cynic — Jay‘s advice that “the longer you’re on the path, the sweeter it is” will warm all but the most frozen of hearts. He and his “companion of43 years” even have matching sunglasses!

The Man’s Guide To Love [Official Site]

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