The Most Eyebrow-Raising Elements of King Charles’ Coronation, Explained

The Stone of Destiny. A very fancy spoon. Shards from Jesus' cross??? And of course, some light gossip...


Multiple outfit changes

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Multiple outfit changes
The Supertunica (left) and the Robe Royal. I’d cop. Photo: Victoria Jones-Pool (Getty Images)

Much like a rich bride at her Instagram-friendly wedding, Charles will appear in not one, not two, but three outfits during the course of the two-hour coronation ceremony, according to Marie Claire. He’ll enter Westminster Abbey in the Robe of State, which is made of crimson velvet. Before his anointing (more on that shortly), he’ll change into the Colobium Sindonis, a white tunic that symbolizes “purity before God.” On top of that, he’ll wear an embroidered Supertunica (which I assume is just Latin for “super tunic”); the Robe Royal (aka the Imperial Mantle, which looks sick as hell); and the Stole Royal (a band of gold silk embroidered with various symbols relevant to the Commonwealth). Then, for his exit pics, he’ll take off the Robe and Stole Royals and put on the Imperial Robe, which is made of purple velvet. Go off, literal king!

Apparently, Charles’s coronation will be more casual than coronations past due to the “cost of living crisis,” as one royal expert told Marie Claire. Sure! A king of the people...LOL.

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