The Niche Dramas We Couldn’t Stop Talking About in 2022

Random celebrity feuds, British WAGs feuds, athletes feuding with mascots: 2022 gave us so many lovely little dramas for us to discuss over happy hour.


Taylor and Emmanuel vs. Avian flu/Twitter

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Taylor and Emmanuel vs. Avian flu/Twitter
Image: TikTok; @knucklebumpfarms

Taylor Blake, the head of Knuckle Bump Farms, went viral over the summer for her fun-loving and educational TikToks that were constantly being interrupted by her mischievous emu, Emmanuel Todd Lopez. She was featured in The Washington Post. She appeared on The Tonight Show. She was exposed for her history of online racism.

All the drama came to a head in late October when Avian Flu hit Knuckle Bump Farms and over 50 birds had to be euthanized—except for Emmanuel. Blake posted photos of herself snuggling and kissing the sick-looking emu and Twitter said, “Nope!” But apparently, Emmanuel looked so sick because he was stressed, probably because all his friends died, and not due to Avian flu as Blake said. On December 19th, Blake posted a video with Emmanuel, who was walking by himself again and appears to be getting better and better by the day.

What to make of this story? I have no idea! Except that it was wild and random and...niche. —LT

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