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Listen to “Cruel Summer (Live from Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour)“

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If you’re a casual Swiftie—or even a non-Swiftie!—who’s feeling fully tapped out on whatever sports player she’s dating or whatever record she’s breaking, I’m here to tell you…don’t tap out just yet. I admittedly would pay to listen to Swift cough, but please trust me when I say that “Cruel Summer (Live from Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour)” is exceptional—and if there’s any piece of Swift news that deserves to break through the noise, it’s this release.

Especially if you’re already a fan of “Cruel Summer,” the live version (which I’ve been listening to via my own iPhone recordings and bootleg YouTube versions for months) is glorious. There are more drums, there are higher notes, and there are thousands of fans singing along. Above all else, the ending is slightly different and more drawn out compared to the clear-cut stop of the album version. She harmonizes “with you” and ends on a gorgeous high note. Since I first saw her perform this iteration on tour, I haven’t been able to listen to the original version without humming “with you…with you…wiThHh yOOOuuu…” at the end. I promise you won’t be able to either. —Lauren Tousignant

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