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Read “She Eats, She Pays, She Gets the F– Out” by Rachel Handler at Vulture

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Read “She Eats, She Pays, She Gets the F– Out” by Rachel Handler at Vulture
Swift and Blake Lively eat at Emilio’s Ballato in September. Photo: Getty Images

I’d say sorry for a second Taylor Swift-related recommendation but it’s 1989 (Taylor’s Version) release day, so I’m not. I’d also argue this isn’t so much about Swift as it is about a hilarious, delightful piece of writing that, sure, was inspired by Swift but gives us so, so much more.

In the span of a week, Rachel Handler visited a handful of the NYC restaurants Swift’s been spotted at over the last couple of months, including Via Carota and Emilio’s Ballato, and tried to talk to servers and hosts about Swift’s vibe. “In the process, I would test my own stamina, the limits of a $75 per diem, a restaurant’s ability to recover from the sheer fact of Taylor Swift’s presence, and fate itself,” Handler writes. We soon learn that Zoë Kravitz busts tables, Greta Gerwig avoids eye contact, and if you plan on visiting Emilio’s Ballato, you better plan on ordering more than just vegetables. It’s a perfect weekend read for both Swifties and Swift-haters. —LT

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