The 'Pussification' of America: Trinity College's Greek Houses Go Co-Ed


Here’s how Trinity College’s president and a Board of Trustees chairman explain the decision to turn all of the college’s fraternities and sororities co-ed:

We wish to be clear that we want Greek life at Trinity College to succeed and uphold the traditions that have had a positive effect on the community. The Board of Trustees’ vote was not one to abolish the Greek system. We voted to reinvigorate the co-education mandate that was originally approved in 1992 and only partially adhered to in the time since. Accordingly, the Trustees have empowered the College to establish an implementation committee to oversee the full set of recommendations, including the co-ed mandate. This committee will have broad discretion in overseeing the plan.

And here’s how a student describes it:

To summarize the 3 biggest bullshit changes: 1) every fraternity and sorority will no longer be able to pledge potential members, so kids show up at rush and are immediately brothers/sisters. 2) Every frat/sorority has to become co-ed, by the fall of 2014 every frat needs to be at least 15% female, by 2020 they need to be at least 45%. 3) Any student wishing to join a frat/sorority must have at least a 3.2 GPA. GPA deal isn’t that big a deal but are you fucking shitting me with the co-ed and no pledging thing? Its trinity so all this has to do with old money and the implementation is very questionable but i’ll spare you the details. Also, must of these frats and sororities have national charters that say if they do anyone of this then they will lose national support and essentially die, of course trinity doesn’t give a fuck. Anyone who fails to comply or attempts to move their frat/sorority underground will be expelled.

In case you were unsure if he thought this was a bad move, he also added that “this is some of the pussiest shit I’ve ever been exposed to” and called it “the downfall of america to the hands of the overly PC, fem-nazi powers that be.”

Well, then! We understand why Greek Life participants would be upset about these changes, but the guy’s belief that the move represents “pussification” by “fem-nazi” powers kind of gives us an idea as to why the administration thinks there’s room for improvement — and integration — within the system. If you disagree, there’s a petition! Sample comment: “Because last time I checked this was still America.”

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