The Real World: Brooklyn Is Not About Drunk Idiots


The Real World: Brooklyn is a return to form for the series, where young adults from different backgrounds, with varying personal interests and life experiences, live together and learn the concept of tolerance.

This season there are eight roommates instead of seven, and they don’t work at one job together, but rather, pursue their own careers as they used to back in the early days of the long-running series. As for the roommates, there’s a guy who was in the Army and served a year in Iraq (he’s been turning his experiences into a book), a girl going to school to be an art therapist for victims of sexual abuse, a beauty queen from the Midwest, a gay guy who trains dolphins, a post-op MTF, and a Mormon named Chet from Salt Lake City with a faux hawk who insists he’s straight even though his roommates (or the Real World editors) aren’t buying it.

Chet’s confusion over Katelynn (the transgender roommate) and his own sexuality will probably be major themes this season. And while it might seem ignorant at times, ultimately it will open up a discourse about this stuff and eventually lead to education on the matter. Also, we have a feeling that this season might be torturous for Chet and his sexual awakening.

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