The Subtweets Surrounding Solange and Beyoncé's Family Feud


The days following the now infamous elevator fight were filled with some passive-aggressive social media action for the Knowles sisters and their friends. As reports of events leading up to the incident begin to surface, Solange’s issues with her brother-in-law Jay Z are coming into focus.

Yesterday it was revealed that Solange got into it with designer Rachel Roy at the after-party just before attacking Jay in the elevator. According to a source speaking to People, says Solange was “provoked” by Rachel, without saying what that provocation was.

Wendy Williams thinks that Jay did “some stupid slick man mess” by flirting with, or touching Roy inappropriately and that set Solange off. Jay had reportedly dated her years ago when she was an intern at Rocawear. She later went on to marry Jay’s former business partner Damon Dash in 2005. That same year, Dash and Jay had a falling out and severed their relationship. (Dash and Roy have since divorced.)

After the elevator video leaked yesterday, Dash posted a picture of Solange, with the caption, “I am actually impressed with her independent spirit… She seems like a fighter.”

The theory that Solange was sick of Jay’s flagrant philandering lines up with the New York Daily Newsaccount that Jay Z was trying to ditch his wife for the night to go creep at Rihanna’s after-party.

Whatever the case, Jay is on Solange’s shit list. He didn’t accompany Beyoncé or Solange to Costa Rica, where the sisters attended Kelly Rowland’s wedding on May 9. It must’ve been a really awkward affair. Reportedly, there were only 30 guests—Destiny’s Child member Michelle Williams was one of them. On May 7, she tweeted the following:

Solange favorited it.

That same day, Beyoncé posted a prayer about troubled relationships on Instagram.

Meanwhile, Solange was busy deleting pictures of Beyoncé from her own Instagram account.

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