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This eerie, slow-burn thriller is the type of movie where the main character’s anxiety and hopelessness feel so palpable, you forget you’re not actually the woman being stalked by a serial killer in a foreign country.

Julia and her boyfriend have just moved to Romania—where he’s fluent in the language and Julia is not—after he gets promoted to his company’s Bucharest office. The city is in the midst of trying to capture a serial killer, dubbed by the media as “the Spider,” who’s been brutally decapitating his victims. One day, Julia starts to notice a male figure in the apartment across the road seemingly staring at her. She then catches a man following her in the supermarket. Soon enough, she’s seeing him everywhere. Her paranoia slowly grows while her boyfriend’s patience quickly wanes, as he dismisses her concerns as a product of sitting in an apartment by herself all day with nothing else to do. His conversations with cops, neighbors, and coworkers are all in Romanian, sans subtitles, so, along with Julia, we also have no idea what’s being said, just that it’s being said about us…I mean, her.

Multiple reviews mention how well the movie is made even if it doesn’t have any surprises—but who needs jump scares when the feeling of being stalked by a man, and the desperation that comes from no one believing you, is terrifying enough? —LT

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