The Wonder Years's Alley Mills Claims That the Show Was Cancelled Due to a Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against Fred Savage and Jason Hervey

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Alley Mills, who played the mom in The Wonder Years, tells Yahoo that the show was cancelled due to a sexual harassment lawsuit against her TV children Fred Savage and Jason Hervey. The Los Angeles Times and Variety did report on the suit in 1993, the year the show was cancelled, though unclear whether it’s the reason the show was cancelled. [Note: We were unable to find court records online.]

According to the LA Times, 31-year-old costume designer Monique Long filed a sexual harassment suit against Savage (then 16) and Hervey (then 20), claiming that “they verbally and physically harassed her daily” and Savage “constantly held her hand” and “asked her to have an affair.”

Mills rejects the allegations as a “big joke” partly because Savage is the “most wonderful human being that ever walked the face of the earth.” That claim has yet to be confirmed.

Oscar voters, publicly an Academy of thought leaders, privately a fraternity of flaccid ding-dongs, specifically denied Lil Rel from the “first ticket” list. This, despite the fact that he played a major supporting role in Get Out, the movie which might well clean out the awards this year with Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Director, and Best Original Screenplay.

Perhaps to distract from the great bubble butt controversy of the summer of 2017, which we will never, ever forget, Tom Cruise delivered some footage to the Graham Norton Show in which he breaks his ankle while doing his own stunts, which he does himself, yes, we know. Graham Norton rolls that shit close-up in slow motion, and ankle injuries seems to be fine with Tom Cruise so long as it’s not the face not the face not the face.

Here’s his butt:

  • Brooklyn Beckham marked his wiw tum with the word “buster,” his dad’s nickname for him. [Instagram]
  • No Spain!!! Shakira is being investigated for tax evasion in Spain. [The Guardian]
  • 45-year-old Dane Cook is now dating 18-year-old musician Kelsi Taylor, who was born in the aughts while Dane Cook was on fire with his raunchy brand of comedy. Here is waaaay too much photo evidence. [Perez Hilton]
  • Kendall Jenner, wearing lampshade and parachute in the desert, tiptoeing through the sand in heels. Weary; thoughtful; can models fly?; perhaps. [The Sun]
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