The Youngest American Lady Billionaire Races Cars, Owns In-N-Out Burger


The woman currently behind In-N-Out’s delicious animal-style Double-Doubles is Lynsie Torres, a 30-year-old race car driver and one of the youngest female billionaires on earth.

In-N-Out has something of a cult following, from the customers who line up for store openings (and beg California friends to bring burgers along when they’re visiting NY, ahem ahem) to the city officials who bug the company to open up in their areas to Warren Buffet, who has said he’d like to own the chain. According to Bloomberg, the company is valued at $1.1 billion, but one private equity executive said the operation could be valued at more than $2 billion, based on its productivity per unit, profitability and potential for expansion.

Little is known about Torres, who never graduated from college, has little formal management training, and came to head In-N-Out after several family deaths. (She controls the company through a trust that gave her half ownership when she turned 30 last year, and will give her full control when she turns 35.) She rarely comments for stories, and few people know she’s in charge.

But we do know that she owns and lives in a a $17.4 million, 16,600-square-foot mansion in schmancy Bradbury, California and competes in the National Hot Rod Association’s Super Gas and Top Sportsman Division 7 categories, alternating between a 1970 Plymouth Barracuda and a 1984 Chevrolet Camaro. Her third husband, Val Torres Jr., is a race-car driver as well.


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