Thinx Says That Former CEO Miki Agrawal Is No Longer Involved With the Company 


The last we heard about Thinx’s Miki Agrawal, she had settled a sexual harassment complaint with a former employee. At the time Agrawal had already stepped down as the company’s CEO but claimed she was still the “She-e-o” of the company, whatever that meant. And now Thinx says that Agrawal currently has nothing to do with the period panty company.

In an article on Racked, Thinx’s new CEO, Maria Molland Selby, describes what she’s doing to remedy the company’s past sexual harassment issues: Thinx has put together an employee handbook of sexual harassment and non-discrimination policies which all staff members signed, annual training sessions (conducted by a third party) and anonymous surveys to address employee concerns, new health insurance subsidies, and annual performance reviews. Thinx is also raising salaries, which a former employee described as “easily $30,000 under industry standard.”

Additionally, parental leave policy has been extended (it used to be just two to three weeks) and there is now a childcare stipend. Thinx is also moving into a new office which will have family-friendly office areas and lactation pods. “2017 was a rollercoaster,” Selby says. “You know that, you wrote about it. 2018 is a fresh start for a lot of people.” And as for what Agrawal is up to, she’s still running her start-up Tushy and trying to make bidets trendy.

All of these new changes at Thinx sound great, though its worth pointing out that Racked’s article only quotes one other current employee besides Selby: Natalie Pattillo, the content editor for Thinx’s sister brand, Icon, who only has glowing things to say about the new policies. While the article does note that the company’s Glassdoor page has recently gone quiet when it comes to complaints, we still don’t know what many of Thinx’s staff think about the changes.

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