This Cat Is So, So Pissed Off at This Piece of Paper


If you thought the battle between cats and dogs was a bloody affair, you haven’t seen anything yet. Just wait until you behold Cat vs. Paper.

Angry Cat (as the cat henceforth shall be known) just flicks and flicks and flicks and flicks and flicks AND FLICKS this poor, unyielding piece of paper. This cat really, really fucking hates this piece of paper. I don’t know what the cat’s “beef” with the paper is, but from my vast knowledge of cats, I can guess it’s probably something along the lines of “PAPER EXISTS IN A WAY CAT DOES NOT LIKE.” The battle between Angry Cat and Paper lasts a good minute until a peacemaking human hand intercedes to try and soothe tensions. I have no idea what’s going on in Angry Cat’s mind, but I know I don’t want to be a piece of paper anywhere near it.

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