This Year’s Christmas Pop Songs Are Trying Very Hard to Become Classics

Lindsay Lohan, Camila Cabello, and more are vying for yuletide chestnut status, but few have the chops.


Lindsay Lohan - “Jingle Bell Rock”

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Lindsay Lohan’s, uh, long-awaited return to music is upon us in the form of this cover of “Jingle Bell Rock.” It’s from her recent Netflix movie Falling for Christmas, and an unsubtle callback to Mean Girls, in which Lohan performed the Bobby Helms cover alongside her fellow Plastics. Falling for Christmas is, itself, a reference, both to Overboard, from which its plot borrows liberally, and a time when Lohan was a regularly working actor. Which is to say that Lindsay Lohan is referencing Lindsay Lohan here in multiple ways. While the meta-ness works overtime, Lohan delivers a rather straight vocal that suggests she merely showed up and did the work. But hey, at least she showed up!

Classic chances: 50 to 1

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