TikTok Teens Charli and Dixie D’Amelio Are Getting a TV Show

They're quite literally giving TV shows to just about anyone these days

TikTok Teens Charli and Dixie D’Amelio Are Getting a TV Show
Photo:Amy Sussman (Getty Images)

My favorite website on the internet, Just Jared Jr.—gossip for teens! gossip for teens!—has come through with absolutely breaking news: The famous and somewhat notorious D’Amelio Sisters are getting a new TV show. Who could have seen this coming? Certainly not me… certainly. Yep, I totally did not see this coming.

Here’s the scoop on The D’Amelio Show, which will premiere on Hulu in the fall. Shocking they didn’t go with Netflix like their Hype House brethren!:

“From relative obscurity and a seemingly normal life, to overnight success and thrust into the Hollywood limelight overnight, the D’Amelios are faced with new challenges and opportunities they could not have imagined.”

Hulu also reports that besides Charli and Dixie will be parents Heidi and Marc, who was curiously outed as a Republican State Senate candidate in Connecticut early in their TikTok career, although the sisters gave denied any ties to the big baddies of the Republican goon squad.

Just Jared Jr. adds:

“For mom Heidi and dad Marc, raising teenagers is hard enough before adding in a cross-country move, supporting their daughters’ dreams and doing the best they can to stay close as a family and protect their girls from the dark side of fame, while also trying to adjust to life in Hollywood.”

As for the sisters, they made themselves famous doing what most famous white people on the internet do: poorly imitating their Black peers to much greater financial success. From there, they’ve spun off into branded ventures and paparazzi sightings out and about Los Angeles, where all the other TikTokers are seen. (Mostly, outside the Saddle Ranch or that one crosswalk on Sunset by the Chinese Theatre.) Will this new venture be their biggest yet? And do people even watch Hulu original reality television shows? And, more importantly, will their daddy run for state senate elsewhere?

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