Time Travel Available, Only Dudes Need Apply


A dude wants to pay you $3,000 to test his time machine. Unfortunately, you must be male.

BuzzFeed brings us this bizarro solicitation, posted on Raleigh Craigslist:

I have successfully built a working time machine and need a human test subject that is willing to be the first person to ever travel back in time.
Due to the dimensions of the machine, you must be shorter than 6’3″ and weigh less than 230 lbs. Also, you must be male. That’s not due to the dimensions of the machine, it’s just a personal thing. I think a man should be the first to time travel, just like he was the first to fly an airplane and walk on the moon.

It’s too bad this scientific genius is a sexist, because some parts of his ad are pretty funny:

As far as the danger of time traveling in this machine, we sent a dog into the past yesterday and it went off without a hitch. He hasn’t yet returned, but that’s just because animals don’t know how to rendezvous. We would like for you to bring him back, if at all possible.

But he’s very clear about his distaste for lady time-travelers, or even time-travelers’ whose friends and associates are ladies:

Lastly, you will need three personal references. […] The references must be male. Again, it’s just a personal thing.

With his no-girls-allowed philosophy, maybe our temporal pioneer has traveled back to third grade.

Sexist Craigslist Time Traveler [BuzzFeed]

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