TMZ Reaches New Low, Jokes About the Size of 'Teen Mom' Star's Vagina


Have you been following OG Teen Mom Farrah Abraham’s entrée into pornography? TMZ has been giving the entire debacle up-to-the-minute, daily coverage for a week, so much so that you’d think they had a financial stake in this mess. In their most recent post on the issue they reached a new low, even by their dregs-of-journalism standards, when they suggested that Abraham has a large vagina. They ended that post with an elipses, which seemed to indicate that commenters should chime in with their own opinions on the size of Abraham’s vagina. And did they ever.

Reporting on a rather inane jab that Abraham made at porn star James Deen’s penis size, TMZ said:

Maybe the problem isn’t that Deen has a small penis. Perhaps ..


Here’s some background: it started with a well-placed rumor of a “leaked” sex tape that was supposed to generate public interest, but tragically/comedically the ruse lasted for just one day before Abraham was photographed walking out of the Vivid Entertainment offices hand-in-hand with porn star James Deen. When Deen was questioned by TMZ about it, he let the cat out of the bag that he’d shot an intentional, professional porno with Abraham.

Well, she must’ve been pissed at him for screwing with her Kardashian-blueprint-to-superstardom, because in a truly bizarre on-the-fly interview, she claimed that Deen was using her for stardom and that he should get out of the porn business because penis is small. (BTW, her mother was standing there the whole time.)

To his credit, Deen responded with grace and humor:

“What is her problem???? It is obviously medium size :)”

But it turns out that he’s the only person in this whole shit show that exhibits any signs of being a decent human being. If you’re ever feeling kind of good about the state of the world, and need a punch-in-the-gut wakeup call in regards to how horrible we are as a human race, look no further than the comment section of TMZ. Here’s a small sampling of what could be considered “open season” on opining about the size of Abraham’s vagina:

His penis may not be small she may just have loose walls… Since she’s a whoooore and all

Grease up the large part of a bat, hope that’s big enough honey.

I bet her snatch could house the cast of The Hobbit, so filling that void with any penis is impossible.

She has a Giant Gaping Maw.

sfw!!! Girl probably has a cave for a gina. lol

If a porn star isnt big enough it looks like someone has a huge vagina! Guess its from all those c0cks before turning 18 while she was “sad”over the loss of her irresponsible **** head baby dady.

Nothing worse than dating a hot chick, spending a lot time with her and then when you finally have sex you find out she has a BIG vagina. 🙁
It’s Loose, no walls you can’t fill a thing. It’s like phucking air. That’s an expensive one night stand. lol She doesn’t get a call back
No!!! How about her VAGINA has no walls becuz she is a SLUT!!! Hoes get paid. They **** no one 4 free.

Anyone that has given birth and been screwing since 14, and does porn, has a large hole

Farrah smells like Fish!!!

Sure, it wasn’t polite for Abraham to discuss Deen’s penis size. But there is a difference between the cultural perceptions of the size of men’s genitals and the size of women’s genitals. If men are accused of having a small penis, the joke sort of just ends there. “Ha ha! He has a small dick. Loser!” That’s essentially the commentary of something like that.

But the size of a woman’s vagina holds an implicit meaning about her character. If it’s “big” then it must be because she’s fucked so many guys. She’s a slut! Or maybe it’s because she’s had a baby, in which case, she’s used up. She’s disposable. She’s trash!

However factually or anatomically incorrect those sentiments are, they are still the implications of having a “large” vagina. Nobody in the comments section correlated the size of James Deen’s penis to the nature of his personality or worth as a human being. In fact, people would probably find such a notion to be ludicrous. Meanwhile, as a professional adult film star, he’s fucked scores of women. It’s his job. He’s undoubtedly had way more partners than Abraham, but she’s the whore, apparently.

It’s misogyny, plain and simple. So stop it, TMZ. Besides, there’s plenty of other valid things about Abraham to mock.

HEY, FARRAH … I’m at Least Medium-Sized! [TMZ]

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