Tony Awards 2024 Blue Carpet: Guess Who Wore Crocs

Ariana DeBose hosted for a third time and performed a very bad opening number. But Cynthia Erivo, Elle Fanning, Nicole Scherzinger, and more, gave us lots to cheer for on the red (technically blue!) carpet.

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Sunday night was the 77th annual Tony Awards and wow, was that one of the worst opening numbers I’ve ever seen. Ariana DeBose hosted for a third time and, even though I think she’s immensely talented, she just doesn’t do it for me as a host. I’m sorry!

She opened the 2022 Tony Awards with a song titled “This Is Your Round of Applause,” which was fine. The 2023 Tony Awards took place during the WGA strike and, in solidarity with the writers, was completely unscripted. But, despite no opening number and no original song, it was pretty spectacular. They mashed up a bunch of Broadway melodies and DeBose twirled and sashayed through Radio City Music Hall; it was big, colorful, fun, and very in the spirit of everything that makes Broadway so intoxicating. And it deservingly received a standing ovation.

Unfortunately, this year’s opening number felt like they fed an AI the lyrics from 2022’s opening number and said, I guess this works. The song is seemingly titled “This Party’s For You” (if you’ll remember from one paragraph ago, 2022’s number was titled “This Is Your Round of Applause”) and includes the lyrics, “Maybe you had to fight/but you’re here tonight/you made it through.” OK??? DeBose did not receive a standing ovation for this one. And I don’t look forward to 2025’s opening number which will probably be titled, “This Is Your Night.”

I still get chills from Neil Patrick Harris’s 2013 opening number and am eager for the year they’re able to top it but maybe every generation only gets one truly magnificent opening number, and Harris’s is that opening number for millennials. Anyway, sorry for being such a hater; it was a lovely evening with a lot of lovely moments.

Now for the moment you’ve been waiting for, the Tony Awards 2024 red (technically blue) carpet, featuring for the first time ever, a pair of crocs!

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