Travis Kelce Wasn’t Sure If He Should Say ‘Sup, Dude’ to Prince William

Travis talked about meeting Prince William at Taylor Swift's concert over the weekend and how he wasn't sure "if I was supposed to bow to them, curtsy, just be an American idiot and shake their hands." But I hope he said, "Sup, dude."

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Travis Kelce Wasn’t Sure If He Should Say ‘Sup, Dude’ to Prince William

If you weren’t online this weekend (good for you!!!) the Kelce brothers traveled across the pond to Taylor Swift‘s The Eras Tour in London, and it was an especially headline-heavy tour stop. Jason and his wife, Kylie, posed with fans and traded friendship bracelets; Prince William was filmed dancing his ass off during “Shake It Off”; Travis joined Taylor onstage for a little skit; and Hugh Grant thanked Taylor in a tweet that called Travis her “excellent if not gigantic boyfriend.”

The Kelce brothers recapped the entire weekend during their New Heights episode on Wednesday, specifically talking about the moment they met Prince William, Prince George, and Princess Charlotte. And it sounds like Travis was very anxious about how you’re supposed to interact with a future king. (Personally, I’d ask if they were interested in giving me one free jewel.)

“They were absolutely a delight to meet,” Travis said. “I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to bow to them, curtsy, just be an American idiot and shake their hands, like, ‘Sup, dude.’ We wanted to be polite.” He didn’t confirm what exactly he did, but I will hand over my entire year’s salary to whoever has a video of Travis saying “sup, dude” to William.

Travis also called him the “coolest motherfucker” which…I know the New Heights podcast isn’t exactly the place for critiquing Britain’s monarchy but, I maybe would have stopped at “a delight to meet.”

Jason, for his part, called Prince William “fantastic” (sure) but said Princess Charlotte was the “highlight” and “the most electric part” of meeting the royals. “She was so f–king adorable. Maybe because I have three girls now, [but] she had a fire to her,” he continued. “She was asking questions.” OK, that’s cute.

The brothers seemingly recorded the episode after Friday’s show, since Travis didn’t talk at all about his little supporting role during Swift’s transition to “I Can Do It With a Broken Heart.” But Jason did admit the concert made him “tear up,” specifically the moment in the show where Taylor gives away her 22 hat. “The 22 hat? Dude, I’ve never cried at a fucking concert and I was literally tearing up watching this little girl’s entire … I’m about to tear up right now,” he said. “It was fucking so special.” It’s OK Jason, I always tear up at the 22 hat, too. Still curious what was happening in this clip, though…

Anyway, thanks, boys! Glad you had fun.

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