University Marching Band Presents Gaga Halftime Show


As previously established, 2010 is the year of everyone covering Gaga, and not even Division 1 football games are safe: The University of Michigan marching band is performing a Gaga medley, as witnessed during Saturday’s (winning) game at Notre Dame.

Captured here is just the finale (courtesy of my low-quality camera) featuring “Poker Face,” “Paparazzi” and “Bad Romance.” The artistry came complete with Gaga flag girls and baton twirlers; at one point, the band mastered an on-field formation that spelled out GAGA. Impressive!

Go blue.*

*As a slightly rabid alum, I’d like to just add one word, shouted from this bloggy rooftop, having nothing to do with Gaga or marching bands or anything other than sunny football optimism: Shoelace.

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