University of Alabama Set to Return $26.5 Million to Pro-Choice Donor

University of Alabama Set to Return $26.5 Million to Pro-Choice Donor
Screenshot: (WBRC)

The University of Alabama’s board of trustees, which includes Gov. Kay Ivey, is probably going to refund the money of a major donor who’s been outspoken in his criticism of Alabama’s cruel and potentially deadly abortion ban.

Last week, Hugh F. Culverhouse Jr, a person wealthy enough to give tens of millions of dollars to a university he didn’t even attend, called for a boycott of the law school the university renamed in his honor after his September 2018 donation, according to the AP:

“I don’t want anybody to go to that law school, especially women, until the state gets its act together,” Culverhouse told the AP.

He was referring to Alabama’s abortion ban, which criminalizes abortion from the moment of conception and offers no exemptions for rape and incest.

On June 7, the University’s 15-member board is expected to give back the money of a man they once called a “special person,” though they say it has nothing to do with the fact that their special friend has been publicly calling them all regressive dipshits:

“The university said that on May 28 — the day before Culverhouse’s boycott call — its chancellor recommended the trustees return the donation. The university said that donors “may not dictate University administration” and that Culverhouse had made “numerous demands” regarding the operation of the school.”

Culverhouse says the board of trustees’ account is inaccurate and that they’re all “liars.” Hopefully, he gets his money back and uses it to help guarantee safe access to abortions instead of new Keurig machines for the law school that taught George Wallace and Jeff Sessions all the ins and outs of legalizing bigotry.

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