University Rowing Team Gets Naked to Fight Homophobia


The University of Warwick’s rowing team has a history of taking off their clothes for a classy nude calendar that raises money for charity. This year, they got naked to fight discrimination and I can’t think of a better reason to take your clothes off than that.

According to The Huffington Post, the team realized that their nude calendars were a big hit with the LGBT community and decided that their next calendar should support youth who might be bullied, discriminated or otherwise tormented for their sexual orientation. The team assisted in establishing a charity — Sport Allies — and will be using the proceeds from the calendar to fund the organization and do outreach.

And the best part? No one in the calendar is uncomfortable with this idea and no one is all “omg, but I can’t have gay dudes looking at me naked” and no one has to defend their masculinity! And everyone can buy one. Yes! Even you! (Get two and send me one, please.)

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