US Airways Won't Be Firing Anyone Over Airplane Vagina Tweet


After the Tweet That Launched A Thousand Vaginal Airplane Puns, UterUS Airways has concluded that the airline’s tweet of a woman with a toy plane in her vagina (link very NSFW) was an error made by an employee who was just trying to report someone else for posting the vagina airplane picture. It was an honest mistake. No one is getting fired.

The tweet, which was in response to a customer’s complaint and inscrutably included the image, appeared on and nearly instantly disappeared from the web Monday afternoon. But an instant on the internet can be forever, if enough people are paying attention. The airline apologized up and down and promised to investigate.

What they found was this: whatever noodle-whipped US Airways employee was in charge of manning the social media account that day had taken notice of the airplane vagina tweet directed at the airline from another user. In an attempt to report the image, they copied the URL of the photo and then somehow inadvertently pasted it in their response to another customer.

There was also a rumor floating around on Monday that the image had originated from a German revenge porn site, but that’s turned out to be unsubstantiated. The Buzzfeed article where the rumor started has since updated to report that the picture had been trending on Reddit’s weird/gross r/spacedicks forum and originated on a German amateur porn site. Not a revenge porn site.

And so whatever sausage-fingered employee copied and pasted a pornographic URL still has a job, though it’s doubtful they’ll ever live it down. It’s like they accidentally sent a “You up?” sext with a hardcore penetration picture to their dad, times several thousand.

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